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From the developer -

When developing BalanceWare, we leveraged Microsoft 365® making client data available to Office® applications. For example, the general ledger export to Excel® produces a fully customizable, drill-down capable Pivot Table.

BalanceWare, Word®, Outlook®, Excel® and Access® work together to produce a truly innovative Trial Balance platform. Give it a try for 30-days! You won't be disappointed.




Accounting Functions

BalanceWare's year-end closing options and features accommodate any number of partners or shareholders. ★ Entering source documents, like check stubs? BalanceWare excels at efficient data-entry with type-ahead recall; again, emulating the QuickBooks standard.

BalanceWare does bank reconciliations and can do them with keyed data, a CD imports and/or cleared check imports. ★ Journal entry options include reversing entries and tax entries. ★ BalanceWare produces Current, 2-yr and 5-yr Financials, Cash Flows, Trial Balance, General Ledger, and more; with PDF, RTF (Word) and Excel export. ★ One-click to analyze a general ledger in an Excel pivot table.

Tax Preparation

The Income Tax and Tax Prep dashboards are convenient tools for making final tax return adjustments. BalanceWare will export tax line information to Drake Tax Preparation software using the "QuickBooks Tax Summary" method. Tax adjusted trial balances can also be exported to the Lacerte trial balance utility and the CCH ProSystem fx Engagement or Workpaper Manager. ★ BalanceWare can also help with simple tasks such as compliance.

With the Compliance Administration dashboard, you can produce agency transmital forms, filing envelopes and labels; for anyone, in a snap!

Document Management

There is a lot more to engagements than just the trial balance and the tax return. Considerable time is spent contacting clients, documenting engagements and archiving. BalanceWare can assist with all of these chores on a single-user installation or in a network of users. BalanceWare will even send text messages and emails with BalanceWare reports and client documents attached. ★ Take notes and attach documents to journal entries, cash disbursement batches, any BalanceWare form and any other document. ★ Manage the engagement notes, attachments and documents from a central Review Notes hub. ★ BalanceWare is integrated with Outlook, Excel and Word.

Cloud Services

BalanceWare's Cloud provides the ability to share client files and documents across the internet. The cloud can be used on a pick-and-choose basis or all clients can reside in the cloud, automatically.
Using AES-256 encryption, client files are encrypted before uploading to the cloud and all client files remain encrypted while in the cloud. The BalanceWare cloud resides on a network of 46-data centers in North America.

Loan Amortization, Pro Forma and more ...

Provide the loan details and account assignments to BalanceWare and never do another journal entry. ★ Create a 5-year pro-forma and compare to any history year or the current year. ★ SSARS support, including Accountant's Report, Engagement Letters and Representation Letters. ★ BalanceWare integrations with Microsoft 365 include Outlook contacts, general ledger analysis via an Excel Pivot Table and BW Enabled Workbooks, which link back to BalanceWare client data for custom reporting and anaysis in Excel.


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Your 'bases are covered' with importing and exporting to and from BalanceWare. That is the key to getting a typical engagement up and running for the new tax year. Or import bank feeds for writeup engagements. Give it a try for 30-days! You won't be disappointed!


Oh! Did I mention...

BalanceWare® will warn you if an account balance changes after you have approved it?
It's the little things that make this software extraordinarily user-friendly.


Support tickets are built-in to BalanceWare®
We respond immediately and guarantee same-day service.