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Open, add and maintain clients. ★ Cloud dashboard. ★ Document management. Share documents in the cloud. Attach notes and documents to journal entries, cash disbursement batches and any BalanceWare form. ★ Contacts and communications. Send BalanceWare reports and client documents via email or text message. ★ Review and manage engagement notes and attachments from a central hub with drilldown to the entry level. ★ Produce compilation and review reports and letters. ★ Prepare transmittals, envelopes and labels for clients. ★ Maintain the chart of accounts, financial statements, account history, account consolidations and schedules. ★ Import accounts and history.

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Set current period to month, quarter, half year, any range of months or annual. ★ Reports include cash disbursements, bank reconciliation, general ledger. ★ Maintain payees. ★ Make journal entries. ★ Enter cash disbursements. ★ Reconcile bank statements. ★ Import cleared charges from a bank feed. ★ Import charges and deposits from a bank feed with auto account numbers ★ Import cash disbursements from Excel. ★ Import QuickBooks transactions from the Desktop or Online versions ★ Exports include general ledger to a pivot table in Excel and bank reconciliation to Excel and several more.

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Reports include journal entries and trial balance. ★ Copy Journal Entries ★ Reclassifying Journal Entries ★ Enter beginning balances ★ Amortization dashboard with automatic journal entries. ★ Accounting dashboard with drilldown. ★ Cash Flow dashboard. ★ Financial ratios dashboard. ★ 5-year pro-forma dashboard. ★ Print/Preview includes current year, 2-year and 5-year financial statements, including title page, accountant's report, balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and schedules. ★ Imports include Quickbooks beginning balances from a Quickbooks trial balance report and importing beginning balances from Excel. ★ Exports include the trial balance to Excel, the current year, 2-year and 5-year financial statement to rich text format and the 5-year fiancial statement to Excel. ★ Departments dashboard for producing departmentalized financial statement based upon account number structure. ★ BW Enabled Excel workbooks connect to client data for producing notes to financial statements and/or financial analysis.

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Income Tax

Reports include Tax Prep Summary (by tax line), Tax Prep Detail (for schedules) , Tax Reconciliation (demonstrating Book to Tax reconciling items), Tax Journal Entries, Tax Trial Balance. ★ Assign tax lines. ★ Make tax journal entries. ★ Tax dashboard with drill down. ★ Tax Prep dashbooard with drilldown. ★ Exports include Tax Trial Balance, Drake software, Lacerte software, CCH software.

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Help & Settings

AutoCloud option (client files stored in the cloud). ★ AutoDocs option (client documents stored in the cloud). ★ Miscellaneous cloud settings. ★ Folder management. ★ User experience options. ★ Sample companies. ★ Timekeeper dashboard. ★ Release notes. ★ Other utilities. ★ About form with system environment information, submit a support ticket. ★ Web-based Help link.

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Sample Forms and Reports

Accounting Dashboard

Accounting Dashboard & Check Drilldown (smaller than actual)

General Ledger Report

General Ledger in Report View

Tax Reconciliation Report

Tax Reconciliation Report in Report View

Accounting Trial Balance

Accounting Trial Balance in Report View


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