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Accounting Dashboard
The first button on the left of all ribbons have a Timekeeper On / Off toggle button which allows BalanceWare to track time by client. See the TimeKeeper Dashboard help topic for details.

The functionality in this Help Topic is dependent upon Interim Settings, found on the Writeup tab. See the Current Period help topic for further information.

The Accounting Dashboard provides a platform from which most accounting tasks can be managed with real-time results reflected on all open forms.

The Accounting Dashboard contains two sub-forms; left and right. Navigate between the sub-forms using the Tab Key. The active sub form has alternate row shading in pale green, while the inactive sub-form has alternate row shading in grey.


A video on this Help Topic is available on our Video Page.

Editing is performed with the Journal Entry form or the Cash Disbursements forms, all of which can be easily opened using the drill-down capabilities provided by BalanceWare. The F3 key or the Entries Drilldown button is used to drilldown to the selected Beginning Balance, Adjusting Journal Entry or Cash Disbursement, where these entries can be edited, if required.

Tax Journal Entries will not appear on the Accounting Dashboard (see the Tax Dashboard on the Income Tax tab.)

The footer section of the form contains the Adjusted Balances for the major categories in the Trial Balance, ie; Assets, Liabilities, Equity and Net Income (Loss). The footer section also displays a total of the tagged accounts.

 Notes & Attachments (Collapsible)
Use the Engagement Documentation dashboard to associate client documents and notes with objects in BalanceWare.

Notes and documents can be linked to the following items (on a per client basis):

 Look for the Engagement Documentation icon on BalanceWare forms.


Clicking the icon will open the Engagement Documentation dashboard. In the case of journal entries and cash disbursement batches, double-clicking on the Preparer Notes field accomplishes the same. Once open, click on any attachment to open the document.

Engagement Documentation Dashboard (with callouts)

Engagement Documentation Dashboard (with callouts)

See the Review Notes button on the Client Tab for reviewing notes from all sources within BalanceWare. 

Note: to maintain link integrity, do not manage documents from Windows Explorer. Moving or deleting client documents may break links. Documents can be edited and documents can be added using Windows Explorer, but do not delete or move documents or folders. Broken links will be placed in a special folder in the Documents treeview called "Orphans" and can be relinked from this special folder.

The Tag checkbox on the Trial Balance can be used for anything at all. Typically, it is used to indicate that the associated account is reconciled and requires no further entries. The Tag can be toggled using the Enter key, while the Trial Balance (left sub form)  is active,  or the mouse. If the adjusted balance changes after tagging the account, the Tag will display a black square. All Tags can be reset using the Rest button in the header of the form, or pressing Alt-R.

Use the search icon, found on the Accounting, Tax and Tax Prep dashboards, to locate any transactions using dates, amounts, or keywords. 


A video on this Help Topic is available on our Video Page.

See our Help topic on Record Selectors

To use BalanceWare's Targeted adjustment feature, select an account in the Trial Balance (left sub form) and press F12 or click on the target image. Enter an amount in the Target Balance field of the Targeted adjustment form and press F12 or click on Create Journal Entry. A Journal Entry will open with the adjustment required to adjust the selected account balance to the target balance. 

Account history is available for the selected account via the History button or the F2 key.

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The Accounting Dashboard

The Accounting Dashboard

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