BalanceWare Help v2.315
Departments Dashboard
Currently, the Departments Dashboard is not interim aware and produces annual financials. A future update will include this functionality.

Regardless of your client's account structure, BalanceWare's departments dashboard produces income statements, by department, and a consolidated income statement as well.

Consolidation accounts and departments are constructed from the account number, using either account separator characters, a.k.a. delineators, or character position.


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Variable length consolidation account and departments can be constructed using delineators.

Your client's account number structure is defined on the left side of the dashboard, using one of the two methods already mentioned.

Once segments are identified, they can be flagged as either an account segment, a department segment, or a segment to be ignored.

If two or more segments are flagged the same, their relative positions can be changed. Changing the relative position of an account segment would change the sort order on the financial statement. Changing the relative position of multi-segments flagged as departments would have no effect. To activate the up and down sorting controls, select a segment.

Department Dashboard with Departments Loaded

Department Dashboard with Departments Loaded

 Notes & Attachments (Collapsible)
Use the Engagement Documentation dashboard to associate client documents and notes with objects in BalanceWare.

Notes and documents can be linked to the following items (on a per client basis):

 Look for the Engagement Documentation icon on BalanceWare forms.


Clicking the icon will open the Engagement Documentation dashboard. In the case of journal entries and cash disbursement batches, double-clicking on the Preparer Notes field accomplishes the same. Once open, click on any attachment to open the document.

Engagement Documentation Dashboard (with callouts)

Engagement Documentation Dashboard (with callouts)

See the Review Notes button on the Client Tab for reviewing notes from all sources within BalanceWare. 

Note: to maintain link integrity, do not manage documents from Windows Explorer. Moving or deleting client documents may break links. Documents can be edited and documents can be added using Windows Explorer, but do not delete or move documents or folders. Broken links will be placed in a special folder in the Documents treeview called "Orphans" and can be relinked from this special folder.

New with BalanceWare version 2.308 is the ability to add notes to individual accounts.  Simply open the Engagement Documentation dashboard from any form, document, journal entry, or cash disbursement batch and select an account at the bottom of the report.

All notes and attachments for forms, documents, journal entries, cash disbursement batches, and accounts can be reviewed and edited from the Client tab by selecting Review Notes.

Reviewing and Editing Notes

Reviewing and Editing Notes

After defining the account structure, select the Departments button to enter descriptions to be printed in the title portion of the financial statement.

When departments are loaded, as opposed to consolidation accounts which is covered below, the print and export controls will be enabled and visible for the current year, the prior year comparative and the five-year income statements.

Loading the Consolidation Accounts provides the ability to re-name these accounts. In a typical scenario, a client's account numbers adhere to convention, but account descriptions are a convergence of several different naming schemas which results in a sloppy-looking financial statement. Renaming the consolidation accounts will provide consistency in both the consolidated income statement and the departments.

Dept DB with Consolidation Accounts Loaded

Dept DB with Consolidation Accounts Loaded

Changing the account descriptions will be reflected in the reports generated from the dashboard. The client's chart of accounts is not altered.

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