BalanceWare Help v2.302
BalanceWare Enabled Excel Workbooks
Please note: as of this release (2.112), BalanceWare Enabled Excel workbooks are not interim aware.

BalanceWare Enabled Excel workbooks are a simple, powerful and flexible way to access BalanceWare client data in Excel

Using a simple formula, client profile information, chart of accounts, trial balance, financial statement totals and history are all available in Excel.


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To create the macro enabled Excel workbook, simply open a client in BalanceWare, go to the Accounting Tab and click on BW Enabled Excel in the Financial Statements group. This will open an explorer Window for selecting a folder in which to create the workbook.


The BalanceWare ribbon in a BalanceWare enabled workbook



The workbook will have all the normal Excel features and functions, along with a BalanceWare ribbon. The ribbon contains the following functionality:

The workbook is originally created by BalanceWare for a given client. Thereafter, the workbook becomes autonomous; that is, it is able to connect to any client on your network without further assistance from BalanceWare software. This an important concept if you are using the workbook for financial statement notes at year-end, or with any other workbook that you would like to carry-over from year to year.

To carry-over a workbook from one year to the next, open the workbook and do a Save-As. Then use the Connect button on the BalanceWare ribbon to connect to the proper client file. Alternatively, you can use explorer to copy and paste the workbook, and then connect.

Always save your copied BalanceWare Enabled Excel workbook with the .xltm extension (Macro Enabled Workbook).

The bw Formula - =bw([Data],["Acct,Acct,etc"],[Year])

The BalanceWare formula is divided into four segments.

The Formula Builder

The Formula Builder

The Formula Builder

The Formula Builder is a floating form that creates and pastes bw formulas. The formula is created from three combo-boxes, representing the argument segments of the bw formula. The first box contains the Data type selections, the other two boxes contain the chart of accounts and year options. The chart of accounts combo box is a multi-select box.

Account balances can be reversed and the target cell is formatted for two decimal places with the thousands separator. Dates can be formatted as a short date or a long date.

The formula, by default is pasted with an equals sign at the beginning for pasting entire cell contents. The Copy to Clipboard button does not have an equals sign at the beginning of the formula, to accommodate pasting into the Excel formula editor.

Data Variable




Add'l Arguments


Account Balance



Account(s) & Years


Account Name





Client Name





Last day of fiscal year


mm/dd/yy or mmmm dd, yyyy 



First day of fiscal year


mm/dd/yy or mmmm dd, yyyy  



Financial statement total line




The data variable ## is a pre-numbered financial statement line assigned dynamically when the workbook is created. These numbers may be different from client to client, making the Formula Builder an invaluable too.

Data Variable Combo Box

Data Variable Combo Box

The ab and ## data variables expose every accounting balance in the client's file. The an and cn data variables expose account names and the client name. The ye and yb data variables retrieve the fiscal year dates for the current and the historical years.

Page Setup - How We Setup the NTFS Sheet For Printing 

The NTFS worksheet has the following print settings.

Font: Calibri 11

Column width: 14.14

Page Layout: Margins: Excel's "normal" setting

Page breaks: set manually in View/Page Break Preview

Page Layout/Print Area set to columns A-F

Page Layout/Print Titles/Lines to repeat at top set to $1:$3

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