BalanceWare Help v2.302
Financial Ratios Dashboard
Available in Version 2.010 and after. Get your update on our website

The financial ratios included are utilized by banks to determine performance, liquidity and leverage. All important considerations when borrowing or seeking investors.

Configuration Tab 

BalanceWare "knows" enough information about your client to generate many of the ratios without further assistance. By configuring a few settings on the Configuration tab, the ratios are ready for presentation

The Configuration tab requests financial statement section assignments for Current Assets, Fixed Assets, Current Liabilities and Cost of Sales. Multiple statement sections can be assigned to each category.

The Configuration tab also requests account assignments for Receivables, Inventory, Payables,  Current Portion of Debt Service and Non-cash Expenses.

The Configuration Tab

The Configuration Tab

 Notes & Attachments (Collapsible)
Use the Engagement Documentation dashboard to associate client documents and notes with objects in BalanceWare.

Notes and documents can be linked to the following items (on a per client basis):

 Look for the Engagement Documentation icon on BalanceWare forms.


Clicking the icon will open the Engagement Documentation dashboard. In the case of journal entries and cash disbursement batches, double-clicking on the Preparer Notes field accomplishes the same. Once open, click on any attachment to open the document.

Engagement Documentation Dashboard (with callouts)

Engagement Documentation Dashboard (with callouts)

See the Review Notes button on the Client Tab for reviewing notes from all sources within BalanceWare. 

Note: to maintain link integrity, do not manage documents from Windows Explorer. Moving or deleting client documents may break links. Documents can be edited and documents can be added using Windows Explorer, but do not delete or move documents or folders. Broken links will be placed in a special folder in the Documents treeview called "Orphans" and can be relinked from this special folder.

Selecting a category displays the candidates for assignment. Select one or more assignments for each category. If a category does not apply, for instance if the client has no Inventory account, leave the category unassigned.


A video on this Help Topic is available on our Video Page.

View / Edit Financial Ratios

The View / Edit Financial Ratios tab displays the following:

Both the data and the graph are included for each ratio.

The View / Edit Financial Rations Tab

The View / Edit Financial Rations Tab

Notes are associated with each ratio, including the category of the ratio (performance, liquidity or leverage), what the ratio is measuring and how the trend line should look for signaling financial strength. The notes can be customized, for each client, using the Edit Notes button, so feel free to personalize a message about the ratio for your client.

The formula used for the calculation is also presented, along with appropriate year labels for the five-year trend line and data points. 

The entire report can be previewed using the Print button and subsequently printed to any available printer or PDF driver.  

Financial Ratios Report

Financial Ratios Report

The 11-ratios are printed three to a page, with the client's name and current year-end.

Ratios are computed using current year data and the client's 4-year history.

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