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Advanced Folder Management

BalanceWare will maintain a client folder structure automatically. The Top Level Client Folder, by default, is named "Clients" and is located in the BalanceWare program folder. The location of the Top Level Client Folder can be changed using Advanced Folder Management.

For further information on adding a new client see the Client Management Help Topic

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Clients will have a file for each year and BalanceWare is capable of managing client folders and files. Optionally, the folders can also be manually specified during the Add Client and Year-End close routines. By far, the simplest option is to allow BalanceWare to manage folders.


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Top Level Clients Folder

By default, a  Top Level Client Folder will be utilized by BalanceWare and the "Clients" folder will be located in the same folder as the BalanceWare software.  A different folder for "Clients" may be specified if you wish to use a different location. Network users who are sharing client files will want to specify a shared folder for the Top Level Clients Folder, located somewhere on the network.

Another consideration is the type of drive where client data will be stored. For optimal performance, you may want to specify a folder on an SSD drive. Even if you are using the ClientShare cloud, selecting an SSD drive for the Top Level Client Folder for local storage will improve performance.

Required Information for BalanceWare Advanced Folder Management 

When adding a new client, the client nickname is required to name folders and files. This nickname must be unique to each client. In addition, the Fiscal Year Beginning and Ending Dates are required for proper Advanced Folder Management.

Disabling Advanced Folder Management

You can disable Advanced Folder Management by checking the Turn-off Automatic Folder Management checkbox. With AFM disabled, users will be prompted for folder locations and file names when adding or performing a year-end close.

Disabling Automatic Folder Management by clicking on the Turn-off Automatic Folder Management checkbox on the Advanced Folder Management form is discouraged. BalanceWare operates most efficiently with Advanced Folder Management enabled. Some features require AFM, including Document Management and Cloud service. See the Advanced Folder Management help topic for additional information.
The BalanceWare cloud is not available if the current client file name and location does not conform to the settings in Advanced Folder Management (AFM). For example, if AFM is enabled and the client file does not reside in a sub folder of the Top Level Client Folder, the client cannot be processed by the cloud.  Enabling AFM is strongly encouraged. See the Advanced Folder Management help topic for further information.

The diagrams below provide a visual representation of BalanceWare's advanced folder and file management structure.

These diagrams represent the folder structure for client files only. The BalanceWare program should be installed on each user's computer. The default location for the BalanceWare program folder is c:\BalanceWare.

In a single-user installation, the client files reside on the users computer. The default location for the client files is c:\BalanceWare\Clients. In a peer-to-peer network, the original single user shares the default clients folder with others users on the network. There is no network server involved in the configuration.

Network Configuration

Network Configuration

In a network environment, each user has a copy of BalanceWare installed on their computer. The top-level client folder is located on a network share.

Recommendation for a Single User Installation

By default BalanceWare will make the Clients folder a sub-folder in the program folder. By default, BalanceWare installs in C:\BalanceWare folder. Using the first diagram above, C:\BalanceWare\Clients would be the default folder, top-level client folder. Use Advanced Folder Management to customize these settings.

Recommendation for a Network Installation

The Clients folder should be on a network accessible location. The program file will install in C:\BalanceWare by default, and must installed on each user's computer.  Using Advanced Folder Management, indicate the network location for the Clients folder, from each user's computer. The Advanced Folder Management button is on the Help & Settings tab.

Changes to the top-level client folder apply to all clients.

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