BalanceWare Help v2.302
General Settings

AFM Advanced Folder Management

Opens the Advanced Folder Management form. See the Advanced Folder Management Help Topic

Disable Fx Mouseover

If this checkbox is unchecked then hovering over the Help button on any form will cause a Function Keys popup form to open. This popup will indicate the function keys that  are active for the form. Normally, help mouse over should be disabled because it can be annoying. However, it is a great training tool for the first few uses of BalanceWare. See the Navigation and Editing Help Topic for more information on the use of function keys in BalanceWare.

Disable Sound

BalanceWare plays notification sounds by default. To disable notifications sounds, check this box.

Select Entire Field

If checked, upon entering a field on a form, the entire contents of the form will be selected.


Windows Scale and Layout Controls

Windows Scale and Layout Controls

Change display zoom using Windows Scale and Layout controls. Note: these settings will scale all windows, not just BalanceWare, for the selected monitor.

Selecting from Multiple Monitors

Selecting from Multiple Monitors

If using more than one monitor, scaling is monitor specific, i.e. each monitor is independently configured. A maximum scale of 125% for a resolution of 1920x1080 is recommended. You can experiment with 125%, 150%. and 175% using the dropdown box, or click on "Advanced scaling settings" to use any value from 100 to 500. 

Advanced Scaling

Advanced Scaling

All images in BalanceWare Help can be enlarged by clicking on the image.

Support Ticket 


Submitting a support ticket is the best way to expedite your issue. The support ticket automatically includes information we need to service your installation properly. By submitting a support ticket, we won't have to ask you all the preliminaries and, if you add a brief description, we will be better prepared to get to the heart of the matter ! We receive your ticket immediately upon submission and will respond ASAP; usually within minutes. Submit your support ticket from the About form on the Help tab.



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