BalanceWare Help v2.302
Help and Settings Overview

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Help and Settings Tab - click to enlarge

Help and Settings Tab - click to enlarge

 Cloud and General Settings - (Collapsible)

Turn AutoDocs and AutoCloud on or off. AutoCloud shares client data files in the ClientShare cloud, AutoDocs shares the client's documents in the ClientShare cloud.

The General Settings are customizable user-interface settings relating to form behavior, field behavior and mouse behavior.  

 General Settings
Manage Automatic Folder Management and user experience controls for Help mouseover, sound, field selection and display zoom.
 Utilities and Help- (Collapsible)
There are a number of utilities relating to troubleshooting, warning settings, sample companies, release notes and desktop sharing to name a few. Support tickets can be issued from the Help tab as well as the web-based Help system.
 Notes & Attachments (Collapsible)
Use the Engagement Documentation dashboard to associate client documents and notes with objects in BalanceWare.

Notes and documents can be linked to the following items (on a per client basis):

 Look for the Engagement Documentation icon on BalanceWare forms.


Clicking the icon will open the Engagement Documentation dashboard. In the case of journal entries and cash disbursement batches, double-clicking on the Preparer Notes field accomplishes the same. Once open, click on any attachment to open the document.

Engagement Documentation Dashboard (with callouts)

Engagement Documentation Dashboard (with callouts)

See the Review Notes button on the Client Tab for reviewing notes from all sources within BalanceWare. 

Note: to maintain link integrity, do not manage documents from Windows Explorer. Moving or deleting client documents may break links. Documents can be edited and documents can be added using Windows Explorer, but do not delete or move documents or folders. Broken links will be placed in a special folder in the Documents treeview called "Orphans" and can be relinked from this special folder.

Support Ticket 


Submitting a support ticket is the best way to expedite your issue. The support ticket automatically includes information we need to service your installation properly. By submitting a support ticket, we won't have to ask you all the preliminaries and, if you add a brief description, we will be better prepared to get to the heart of the matter ! We receive your ticket immediately upon submission and will respond ASAP; usually within minutes. Submit your support ticket from the About form on the Help tab.



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