BalanceWare Help v2.302
SSARS Dashboard

Engagement letters, accountant's reports,  representation letters and cover pages are generated, quickly and efficiently, from the SSARS dashboard. The dashboard is compliant with SSARS 21, and more specifically, ARC Sec 80, 90,and 120, which define the various components and disclosures necessary to adhere to the SSARS 21 pronouncements.

The dashboard is divided into two tabs; Engagement Definition and the Reports and Letters editor.

The SSARS dashboard is interim aware for compilation engagements. Please see the instructions below for details.

The Engagement Definition

The first tab on the SSARS dashboard is the Engagement Definition tab. The following options are available, which manage most of the situations found in both Compilation and Review engagements.

SSARS Definition Tab

SSARS Definition Tab


A video on this Help Topic is available on our Video Page.

 Notes & Attachments (Collapsible)
Use the Engagement Documentation dashboard to associate client documents and notes with objects in BalanceWare.

Notes and documents can be linked to the following items (on a per client basis):

 Look for the Engagement Documentation icon on BalanceWare forms.


Clicking the icon will open the Engagement Documentation dashboard. In the case of journal entries and cash disbursement batches, double-clicking on the Preparer Notes field accomplishes the same. Once open, click on any attachment to open the document.

Engagement Documentation Dashboard (with callouts)

Engagement Documentation Dashboard (with callouts)

See the Review Notes button on the Client Tab for reviewing notes from all sources within BalanceWare. 

Note: to maintain link integrity, do not manage documents from Windows Explorer. Moving or deleting client documents may break links. Documents can be edited and documents can be added using Windows Explorer, but do not delete or move documents or folders. Broken links will be placed in a special folder in the Documents treeview called "Orphans" and can be relinked from this special folder.

Reports and Letters

Based upon the Engagement Definition, the Reports and Letters tab of the SSARS dashboard provides the ability to generate accountant's reports, engagement letters and representation letters. Once generated, the letters can be edited, using Microsoft's Rich Text Format editing toolbar.

To activate the toolbar, select text to be formatted and the RTF Editing Menu Bar automatically appears. If you have selected text, and the tool-bar is not visible, right-click on the text and then left-click on the selected text, and the toolbar will appear. 

During the year-end process, dates in the various letters will be updated for the new year.

An option to edit your letter using HTML is also available, if you prefer to edit tags directly.

Reports and Letters can be printed, exported to RTF (rich text format) and copied to the clipboard for pasting into your favorite word processor, if desired. However, the reports and letters are formatted for printing right from the SSARS dashboard.

SSARS Letters and Reports Tab

SSARS Letters and Reports Tab

Configuring Compilation Reports for Interim Financials

To produce interim compilation reports, design the letter for a year-end report, and BalanceWare will substitute the appropriate dating before viewing in report view or print preview

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