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The first button on the left of all ribbons have a Timekeeper On / Off toggle button which allows BalanceWare to track time by client. See the TimeKeeper Dashboard help topic for details.

Error Log

Records errors encountered by BalanceWare during software execution. BalanceWare records all errors, regardless of severity. The Error Log is a useful troubleshooting tool and will likely be used by our support team. The Error Log form has an option to clear the log. If there are no problems, feel free to clear the log at any time if you wish, at your option. The log can also be exported to a csv file.

Desktop Shortcut

This button places a shortcut to the BalanceWare program on your desktop. The button can also be pinned to the start menu, although it will show an Access icon instead of a BalanceWare icon.

Share Desktop

Sometimes, it may be necessary for our support team to remotely access your computer. Simply give your ID number to our staff, and we will connect in just a few seconds. (Remote desktop services by AeroAdmin)

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Computer security is important to us. A connection is not possible without interacting with you, as long as you close the Aero Admin Remote Client when we are finished with the remote session. We will remind you of this during our session.
Remote Client by AeroAdmin

Remote Client by AeroAdmin

Your ID is located on the left panel of the AeroAdmin form, under "Allow remote control".

Reset Password 

Used to reset a password when a client's file cannot be opened due to an invalid password. A code will be sent by email or SMS text message which is valid until the Reset Password form is closed.

Compact Client

This utility removes deleted records from a client's Access database and re-indexes the database which improves performance. However, this utility is not required. The client files are small because there is a different file for each client, each year. Our support team might recommend this option if you are having difficulty with a particular client.  

TimeKeeper DB

Recording time for the current client is as simple as clicking on the "TimeKeeper On / Off" button found on all of the tabs. The TimeKeeper Dashboard button on the Help tab provides the ability to retrieve time spent on each client and total time. The dashboard also provides the ability to edit individual time log entries and set various options.


Rounding can be set to the minute, 5-minutes, 10-minutes or 15-minutes. On a Clock-IN event, the rounding is the next earliest rounding minutes, and for a Clock-OUT, rounding is the next rounding minutes. For example, if there was a Clock-IN event at 5:29 and a Clock-OUT event at 5:31 the log would show from 5:25 to 5:35, assuming the rounding minutes were set to the default of 5. 

If the Timekeeper is on when you close BalanceWare, it will remain on, until it is toggled off.


To edit, first select an entry from the Log by clicking on the record selectors on the left. Next, select the time, AM or PM and which entry you would like to change, the Time-IN or the Time-OUT. The date can be left blank unless you are changing that also. Once editing is complete, click on the Update button. The log will likely re-sort but your record selector will remain on the edited row.  

To delete, first select an entry from the Log by clicking on the record selectors on the left, then click the Delete button. 

To purge TimeKeeper log records, first supply a date and then click the Purge button. Records will be purged through the purge date.

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The TimeKeeper Dashboard

The TimeKeeper Dashboard


Totals are provided for Today, This Week, This Month, This Year, Last Year and All-Time, based on the selection in the Client field

Reset Warnings

Some message boxes can be disabled. The Reset Warnings button will enable any previously disabled message boxes.

Sample Companies

The Sample Companies form includes sample companies for an Individual, Corporation, S-Corporation and a Partnership. Sample companies reside in their own folder. Feel free to make a new sample company or open a previous sample company. See the Sample Company form for further details-additional instructions are on the form.  

Open a sample company to explore features. Cloud and Document features are not available for sample companies.

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The Sample Companies Form

The Sample Companies Form

Release Notes

Review release notes for the current and prior releases. 

Support Ticket 


Submitting a support ticket is the best way to expedite your issue. The support ticket automatically includes information we need to service your installation properly. By submitting a support ticket, we won't have to ask you all the preliminaries and, if you add a brief description, we will be better prepared to get to the heart of the matter ! We receive your ticket immediately upon submission and will respond ASAP; usually within minutes. Submit your support ticket from the About form on the Help tab.



Download AeroAdmin remote desktop software here